In-service training is crucial in every branch of business services: accountancy, consultancy and legal. How do you organise this education in a way that is efficient for both your organization and participants? An online learning management system offers a solution.

For many companies the standard is still to bring participants together at set times for education. The goal is to give them knowledge on for example changing laws or a deeper understanding of a subject to get to a higher level of understanding.

In many companies the realisation is growing, that this way of working is time consuming and demands at lot from the personnel: all participants have to be on location at a certain time, while they could have very hard deadlines in the meantime. In addition, most of the administration is done manually, which takes a lot of time.

Choosing the learning management system

This is why we see more and more companies choose our online learning management system. It offers possibilities to learn at times that are ideal for the participant. On top of that, it makes the work activities much easier for the organization: there is a direct and clear insight in learning results. The results can automatically be linked to the administration and will be directly shared with the participant.

Applications for which clients use LPX:
Permanent education
Knowledge transfer from senior employees to young talents
Courses, for example around safety, HR matters and quality assurance

Time is a scarce resource

Does your organization want to set up an online learning system and do you want to be fully supported? Then choose our full-service programme.