The healthcare sector is increasingly international and digitized. How do you reap the benefits of this as a healthcare organization? A learning management system will help your company make a huge efficiency improvement.

The implementation of a lot of medical devices or the use of new medicine asks for thorough education. The placement of a new type of artificial hip calls for detailed explanation of the process. Even now books are being made, which the doctor in question has to read.

Research shows that the new generation of medical workers have a digital tendency and desire a greater diversity of media. For example, videos which show different actions. The learning management system of LPX offers the possibility to post different media within the same environment: videos, manuals, webinars and whitepapers .

Expand your international reach

In addition, the distribution, especially for international products, is much simpler and cheaper. In a safe way you can share information directly with participants. In the end you will have insights to the challenges that medical workers face with implementation, because they can ask questions during the modules. This way you as an organization will have an overview into how the product is used and where extra support is needed.

Applications of LPX in healthcare:

In-service training
Education about new products/services

Time is a scarce resource

Does your organisation want to set up an online learning system and do you want to be fully supported? Then choose our full-service programme.