Does your organization want to set up an online learning system and do you want full guidance? Then choose the full-service program of LPX. LPX is the specialist who can take care of everything involving the learning system. This will save time and gets you the best result.

There are many advantages to an online learning environment: no travel time, a lot of matters can be automated and it will save the administrative hassle. The question a lot of companies bump into is: how do you set up an online learning environment? A fully custom-made environment is very expensive and on top of that, the creation is time-consuming. A program 'off the shelf' usually involves you having to design it yourself. While you may not have the technical knowledge and the time to execute this.

LPX chooses the ideal formula: the basis has been made by us and subsequently our team of specialists will tailor the environment to the needs and wishes of your organization. The only thing your team has to do is create the content. We will take care of the rest. Quick and very user friendly, because time is money and a scarce commodity.

How does the full-service program work?

Personal guidance is essential to us because this will produce the best results. This is why you will be assigned a personal project manager, who will be involved from beginning to end. You can contact this person with all your questions. Besides this, you can contact our helpdesk every workday for technical questions.

Our technical team will tailor the entire learning environment to the wishes of your organization. This way everything will be presented in your corporate identity. Even the e-mails that will be sent to participants from the environment. On top of that, we will create all the necessary connections to your administration or for example certification institutes. This will save a lot of work. We will post the content according to your wish, for example in modules and will make sure your participants will receive the right information at the right time.

We also offer 1-on-1 guidance during the reading of the results, because our system creates valuable data. How long does the training take? What are the difficult questions? What is the mean outcome? We will show you how to interpret the insights both on an individual and a group level.

How soon can you release the learning program?

Together we will create a timetable to get the learning environment live. The timetable is dependent on the course size, but in no time we will have a simple training with its content made. We can move quickly so that your participants can get to work as soon as possible.

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