Organize your time conveniently and effectively. We help you with our accessible learning management system. You build the learning program quickly and easily, so your participants will have a very pleasant learning experience.

This is how LPX supports you in creating an optimal learning program:

Set up a course

In LPX it is easy to set up a course. First, we create the basic environment of your course in the corporate identity of your organization. Of course we also make sure that all automatic messages are in line with the corporate identiy. From the introduction page of the curriculum to the email templates you use for the various messages. In this way, a participant is placed in a familiar environment that fully reflects the brand values of your company.


As soon as you have the content of your education program available, you create an online course in literally in a few clicks. There is no limit to the number of courses you can add. What's more, you can combine all kinds of media: video, PDF, audio, PowerPoint, webinars, and other course materials. You put in the videos, place the PDF's or links to whitepapers and add the seminars. Your educational program will be ready in no time. And if you do get stuck, our team is ready to help you.

Real-time reports

With LPX we make it easy for you to quickly create a good learning environment. What makes the system extra valuable is that you create clear reports. Real-time and accurate.

Overview of results

Our tool provides advanced features on how you want to monitor or display the results. For example, if you want results on an individual level, you can. If you want to display results on a group level, that is also possible. Of course, the system also offers a clear overview of the total results, including insight into the number of registrations and the duration of each participation. In this way, you immediately know how your program is doing and how participants are scoring.

Automated student tracking

With LPX you keep track of the progress per student in real time. That's practical, because it allows you to monitor the progress of each student. Is someone getting stuck? Does a participant run out of time? You can see it in the system, so you can quickly contact them and help participants to still reach the finish line.

Full support

Maybe it's the first time you're putting together an online learning program. Then it's nice if experienced professionals can help you. At LPX you can be assured of that service.

Team of specialists

When you use our platform for the first time, our team of specialists is ready to set up the foundation. We create an intro page in your organization's visual identity and email templates to send messages to your target audience. We also explain the system in personal explanation sessions.

Delegate the courses?

Do you prefer to delegate the process of creating the training? That's possible too. Our team can do it all for you. All you have to do is provide us with the content to be included in the curriculum. We take care of the rest. It's that easy.

Automatic certification

You determine in advance when a participant has performed sufficiently to obtain a certificate. To make it even easier, you can link LPX to internal systems such as the CMS and to accreditation agencies to process the results. 

Certification immediately available

When a participant succeeds, this is immediately known. This is nice for a participant, because they do not have to wait weeks for the results. But it also means a big administrative advantage for your company: the system automatically reads the results and informs the participant.

Link to accreditation agencies & internal systems

A link to the internal systems such as a CRM is quickly set up. This allows you to directly process the results in your organization’s administration. When participants need to be accredited, you can make a link from LPX to the accreditation agency. That receives the automatically generated results and then sends a confirmation of the accreditation.


LPX meets the highest security requirements: from data transmission to servers, from privacy to access. LPX guarantees the security of its system and assures you that you are also in this area in the Champions League.

Data security

WWe act at the highest level when it comes to data security. For example, all data traffic is encrypted, and we use multiple servers to guarantee stable data transmission. Of course, the system is also fully AVG-proof, so the privacy of your participants is also guaranteed.

Data encryption

Our focus on data security works through at all levels. Transmission of data to participants is encrypted, just like the platform itself. It is also very clear who can enter the system and who cannot. At the same time, this "fort Knox" approach does not detract from the user-friendliness: you and your participants can easily use the system.