Learning Platform Extended

The extended web-based, most complete learning management system

What is LPX?

Organizations are constantly evolving. It is therefore important that employees are enabled to keep up with their knowledge and to adapt their services to a constantly changing environment. Knowledge must remain up-to-date and meet the increasingly stringent legal and market requirements.

LPX offers you the possibility to offer commercial or in-company training in a way that matches the identity of your company.

Create a successful learning culture with the use of LPX.

LPX offers a high quality training and education environment by combining creation and technique.

Advice and guidance

Throughout the entire period of use, we offer you individual support in setting up your learning environment, for your customer or your employees.

Customized platform

You can set up the LPX platform for different groups and departments within your organization and within this you can give substance to the individual learning goal or route of each employee. In addition, the platform can be set up in your own house style so that your employees will feel at home.

You can also set up the LPX platform for use by clients or students. Here, too, you can implement specific learning objectives or training courses. All this in your own house style.

Would you like to add a specific functionality to the platform that we do not yet deliver? Feel free to let us know; we will design the platform entirely according to your wishes.


LPX meets the highest safety requirements. You can easily set up which groups or individuals are given access to the platform and the associated courses.

The creators

80dB develops high quality software products with which customers make a significant impact in the market.

Our software products meet the high demands of safety, performance, stability and ease of use.

For more information visit www.80dB.nl

The advantages of LPX

Online and flexible

LPX is fully web-based. Users decide for themselves where and when to use the system.

Easy and secure storage

Videos, documents, presentations, images, audio files, texts. All materials are safely stored in the library.


LPX has a comprehensive content management system for designing and publishing complete courses.


From the LPX-message center you can use various means of communication such as chat, email and notifications.


LPX has an approved pre- and post-key functionality for achieving the required points in a certain field.

Tracking and reporting

The dashboard allows you to view an track the results and progress of every participant.

Coaching & peer support

By means of presence and score analytics, it is easy to follow how participants perform and what they need in terms of coaching.

Resource management

Simple management and organization of teachers and supervisors at course and group level.

Paying online

Students can easily pay with various payment interfaces.

The LPX learning environment underlines our ambitions for our Advanced HR Global Education Programme.

Derek Bruce ABN Amro

The strength of LPX is that it's not about the system, it's about the customer. By focusing on participants, you also learn how to make learning better and more valuable.

Camiel Notermans Crowdale