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Tom Steenkamp Chairman board of VU, Centre for Executive Education, section Investment Management

Welcome to this digital course site of the VU. On this site, you can find the courses that will prepare you for the knowledge and professional competence requirements set by the ESMA. We think that with this learning material you can prepare effectively for the exam. Enjoy and good luck with the preparation!

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  • You can access all or part of the E-learnings if you have a login account. You can get this login account if you have subscribed to this course. You can get the subscription individually if you have paid for the course or if you are part of a collective subscription of your employer. If you are subscribed you get an email from LPX with a password. With your email address (be aware that this is the subscription email-address) and password you can log in with the login button on the upper right side of the screen.

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