How to enroll?

Participants can access one of the above mentioned programs in two ways: per individual payment or through a collective registration.

Please be aware that Vrije Universiteit will stop offering the programs 'Advice Institutional', 'Inform Institutional' or 'Deficiency Institutional'. You can continue to enroll in one of the programs until 1 November 2020. You will get access to the teaching materials and will be able to take the exam until 1 February 2021.

Collective enrollment.

One person within the company sends information (see below) regarding the participants to After registration an e-mail with a link to the website and a login code will be provided to each participant. This give access to the online learning environment that offers literature, instructional videos and practice questions. All communication is in English.

To ensure a speedy enrollment process, please provide the following information in a CSV data file (new document in Excel, save as .csv format). Make sure to provide the information succesively categorized as follows: email address, gender, date of birth, initials, prefixe(s), last name and role (informant, advisor or deficiency). We can give you an example of such a file on request via
Important notice: correction of initials or date of birth after enlisting will not be possible.

Individual enrollment.

Signing up as an individual is now possible. You can buy the relevant course under the button Programs on this webpage. Enrollment costs are to be paid immediately via the payment module. The participant will then receive an email with login details. After logging in, he or she can also register for an exam via the website.