Dear course member,


We will inform you regarding three topics:


1. New version courses Deficiency, Inform and Advisor

On the course website you will find as per 26th of September new final 2018 versions of the Deficiency, Inform and Advisor courses. You can recognize these versions by the version number _02. Please note that existing chapters have not been changed! We have only added some course material.


What has changed in this new version?

1.       The chapters not finished in the early version, Asset Classes and Security selection; Financial markets and Investment Vehicles and Economics are now ready. We have added videos and final literature. 

2.       For each chapter we have added the video slides.

3.       For each chapter we have added the answers, an explanation or where you can find the answer, of the exercise questions.

4.       For each course we have added a practice (Mock)exam and the answers.

5.       We have added a separate skill tab, to stress the importance of reading the DSI document with the final terms on skills.

6.       The link to book an exam is now active.

7.       We have solved some errors, like a not working web link.


2. Examination

Furthermore it is possible now to book an examination seat via your course website at exam provider Lamark. Please be reminded that you will have to book an examination possibility yourself. You can choose a date, time and location of your choice if this fits in the offering of the exam provider. There is a 3 months rolling time window in the booking software. The exam will be also open in 2020.


3. Alteration in the Privacy Statement

In case you have registered via a collective registration, it is important to realize that your employer can be informed about your exam result. If you do not want this, you must inform us at the moment of your registration via

We also inform DSI if you have passed the exam. In this way the DSI can give you access to the relevant registers.


We wish you good luck with the final preparation,


The VU-MiFID team